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Have you tried to get approved for a personal loan but faced bottlenecks in approval simply because your credit rating is in doldrums? Do you constantly worry of being declined every time you make an application for a loan? Has your poor credit rating been the bane of all your problems as regards approval of a loan? If all your answers to the above are in the affirmative, then its time you considered applying for a logbook loan with us. Refresh Loans are not only a reliable logbook loan provider but boast of a proven track record in so far as approval of logbook loans is concerned. We have over the years set ourselves apart from other logbook loan providers in the UK by ensuring that we are not only professional in every aspect but also ensure that we help as many people as possible get approved for a loan their credit score notwithstanding.

What makes us different?

As a respectable logbook loan provider, we work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of our customers are not only met but that they are exceeded in every aspect. We believe that excellent service delivery to our customers while maintaining professionalism in every aspect is what sets us apart from other UK logbook loan providers. We have a long list of satisfied clients who can attest to not only the affordability of our logbook loans but also to the exemplary way in which we handle our clients.

We do not discriminate our customers based on the state of their credit score but work towards ensuring that we treat each and every customer of ours with respect. We have a professional customer personnel that are always willing to ensure that all the needs of our customers are met and every single question of theirs is answered. We do not believe in turning our customers away but always work towards reaching a common conclusion that is satisfactory to all of us. We accept different models of cars so long as they are in good condition and aspire to approve loan applications within the shortest time possible.

Why should you apply for a logbook loan with us?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should apply for a logbook loan with Refresh Loans.

  • We have been tried and tested and have over the years been according our customers affordable logbook loans
  • We approve logbook loan applications within the shortest time.
  • We have a top notch customer personnel designed to ensure that all your needs are met to your satisfaction We accept different kinds of cars as collateral.
  • We do not carry out credit checks and you are eligible for a loan so long as you have attained the age of 18 years, own a car and are a United Kingdom citizen.
  • Our logbook loan products are not only affordable but also the best you can hope for.
  • We offer proper advice on the benefits and disadvantages of logbook loans to ensure that the ultimate decision you make is from an informed perspective.

Additionally we strive to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers if not exceed them. In our attempt to offer the best services, we have been able to partner with Money Advice to ensure that you make the right financial decision prior to applying for a logbook loan. We strongly advice that you apply for a loan that you can effectively repay to avert a situation whereby you end up affecting your credit score further.


At Refresh Loans, we understand that when people apply for a loan, it is because they are cash strapped and need that loan in the shortest time possible. As such, we strive to approve all loan applications within the shortest time possible provided that you have met all the requirements.