About us

Refresh Loans is a well known name in the UK as regards the provision of logbook loans. We are a credible logbook loan provider with a stellar history of faster approvals, professional ethical conduct and ability to connect with our customers in a way that is special. We believe that our customers are the reason behind our success and that is why we strive to do everything within our power to ensure that they are satisfied beyond measure. We have steadily climbed the ladder to become one of the most reliable and credible providers because of our emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our logbook loan business is guided by the principles of total quality management with a bias towards customer satisfaction.

We believe that our customers are our greatest asset and the reason behind our immense success as a logbook loan provider. The affordability of our logbook loans coupled with commitment to approve loans within the shortest time possible is what continues to set us apart from our competitors. We have a long list of customers that we have been able to approve logbook loans for without their credit score coming into play. Our customer representatives are highly trained and treat our customers with an element of human touch which of course has been the reason behind the great belief that customers have in us.